Fundamentals of Colour with Watercolours

By Avinash Singh 

Learn to Master Color and Light in your Illustrations

2 DAY - 4 HOURS - LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP - 15th & 16th October 2022

+ 2 HOURS Bonus Session - 20th October 2022


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About your Instructor

Avinash Singh, the creator of Beardman Comics, is an artist who has been in the industry for 4 years. He is professionally working as a Storyboard and Concept Artist for various production houses. 

An avid Plein-air painter, who maintains a daily sketchbook, also enjoys reviewing gadgets, building things, and documenting his art process on his YouTube channel. Avinash has won the 100 Days of Sketching challenge (2020) and has also won the Painting and Portraits category of the Creative Account Contest by Ugly Sweater. He hopes to make art approachable to everyone.

Instagram: Beardman.Comics

What does this Course offer?

Learning about color and light to make your illustrations luminous and dynamic. If you think that your art looks flat or that you just cannot pick the right colors to make it pop, look no further because this is the class you've been trying to find! Although this class is taught using traditional mediums, it is primarily designed to teach the Fundamentals of Colour Theory which is essential and applicable to all mediums of art.

When and Where?

3 Live Online Sessions over Zoom Meetings

15th October 2022 - 11:00am to 1:00pm IST (2Hrs)
16th October 2022 - 11:00am to 1:00pm IST (2Hrs)

+ 20th October 2022 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm IST (2Hrs)

The details of the meetings will be emailed to you and will also be available on the course dashboard in your profile

Course Curriculum

Day 01 - 2 Hrs

  • Basic shape recognition with straight lines

  • Decoding light and shadows with Values

  • Live drawing session

  • Implementing the concepts in a monochrome painting

  • QnA Session

Day 02 - 2 Hrs

  • Introducing colors to our painting

  • Color Wheel with 3 Primary Colours

  • Recognizing color variation with temperature

  • How not to get overwhelmed while painting a composition

  • Implementing the learnings in a painting

  • QnA Session

Day 03 - Bonus Session - 2 Hrs

  • Assessment of Assignments and Personal Feedback
  • How to apply the Skills to Digital Art
  • Digital Art Demo
  • QnA Session

What our students say...

“The session was brilliant. I really appreciate the level of preparation you have put for this workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and you explained a few things which are intuitive in nature but difficult to express. I am really happy with the way my paintings turned out to be. I liked the way the whole class has been structured, which made the whole experience less overwhelming.” 

- Karnaprakash

“Avinash has taught me some new techniques which I could use both traditionally and digitally. Learned a lot from this workshop.”

-Nikitha P.

“A Fabulous workshop by two very down-to-earth instructors. Learned a lot of fundamentals and a new perspective on art through Avinash's eyes. Values are beautifully explained. A step-by-step approach, how to see and observe values for colour. Avinash writes down all the points to remember - like a key on how to proceed which really helped. Overall the experience was great.”

- Bhairavi Govindarajan

Tools Needed

  • A few sheets of A4 paper

  • Well sharpened Pencil, Pen, Eraser, Ruler

  • a few thick sheets of Watercolour paper/ Watercolour sketchbook

  • Watercolors-  Yellow Ochre, Vermilion hue (Warm red), Burnt Sienna, Ivory Black,

  • White Gouache/ if not then White watercolor 

  • Watercolor brushes (Preferably a couple of thick ones and a smaller one)

  • Some fresh water

  • Rug/Tissues

  • Mixing Palette

Links to buy tools

Frequently asked questions

1. Do I need to be an Intermediate or a Professional to join this Live Class? 

Not at all. We’ll touch upon the basics of painting and color theory throughout the session. Anybody from a Beginner to a Professional can join this session. 

2. How will it help me in my art?

You’ll learn the basics of Structure, Colour Theory, Composition and many more. Implementing these concepts will make your art finer.

3. How many paintings will I have to do in the class?

A couple or three sketches with pencil/ charcoal, a couple of paintings with Watercolour and Gouache.

4. Will Colour Mixing be taught?

Yes, in fact, in-depth.

5.  Will this course help me in digital painting?

Yes, This class is primarily designed to teach the Fundamentals of Colour Theory which is essential and applicable to all mediums of art including traditional as well as digital.

6.  What if I miss the live session? Will this course be recorded?

You will have access to the recordings for 15 Days after the Live Session.

For any more questions regarding this course feel free to reach out using our contact page or email to [email protected]

Fundamentals of Colour with Watercolours By Avinash Singh

3 DAY - 6 HOURS - LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP - 15th, 16th & 20th October 2022
Price: INR 2999/- INR 3999/-
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